People watching

I’ve been busy with work.

Really busy.

God has been blessing me with so many opportunities. So, I’m going to Praise Him, instead of complain about being so busy and not having time to hang out with my blog peeps.

But, my company, Zen Baking Company, has been busy with the holidays. People love balls.


I did my first in-store sampling this weekend at Central Market in Dallas. And I people watched and sampled for 8 hours. You learn a lot about the culture of a city by who shops at the market. Here’s my take on the kind of people that sampled:

Surly Sampler – the one who can’t find anything positive to say. The one who exclaims, “These are flavorless.” But, feels the need to sample two or 3 more times.

Shy Sampler – the one who makes 2-3 laps around the tasting table but doesn’t quite have the courage to actually come up to the table to sample. So, I take the bull by the cake-Balls and walk up to him/her and offer them a little nibble.

Sophisticated Sampler – the one who proclaims to have tried every cake ball out there. The one who is a self proclaimed “cake ball snob” and makes a bold challenge “your cake balls better taste good.” I accept that challenge…

Surprised Sampler – the one who is shocked at the fact that they taste good…like really good. I kind of wanted to say, “I wouldn’t serve something that taste bad…”

Shrieking Sampler – the one who gets their first taste of the Zen Cake Ball and shrieks with excitement and tells everyone around them they have to try them….I like these people…

Sexytime Sampler – the one who flirts with the Sample-er (moi), make small talk about how my day is going, doesn’t hear a thing I say about the Zen Cake Ball, but is suddenly stopped short of his advances when I gush about how my husband is Zen’s biggest fan.

Shopping Sampler – the one who takes a taste of the Zen Cake Ball, tells me they are great, and proceeds to buy 10 boxes….I LOVE these people.

Fun times people. Eight hours of feeding the masses and giving them a bit of Zen.
I think I made the world a better place during those 8 hours.

Your, Welcome world.

You’re welcome…