I’m having a tough pregnancy.  More on that later.

So getting around is hard for me.

But, I do it anyways – because I’m thankful I’m not in a wheel chair or have a condition that doesn’t allow me to get around

Some places have parking spots reserved for “Expectant Mothers.”  And I rarely parked there with Iz.  Because really, my fat a$$ needed to walk a few more steps to burn off some of the calories I was eating “for the baby.”

Now, though, is a whole nutha ball game.  I’m having a rough pregnancy and supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible.  But I still have a life to live…so I go to the store to get necessities…like milk, bread, Oreos…

I had had a rough morning and I needed to park as close as possible to the store.  So, I was going to bite the bullet and park the “Expectant Mothers” spot.  As I was rounding the corner, a black BMW raced in the spot. Dang.  Too late.

Then it happened.

A guy in his 20’s…we’ll call him Chris Chris…stepped out of his BMW, on his cell phone, with his shades on, with a look on his face that clearly stated “I’m a douche bag.”  I waited for him to walk around to the other side of the car to let his very pregnant wife out of the passenger seat…because SURELY that’s the reason he was parked there.

But nothing. Nada.  Zilch…no pregnant person coming out of that car.


I then parked my car, went over to him and told him what an inconsiderate ba$ta&d he was.

Ok not really – but I did walk past him the store and give him a really mean look…from across the aisle.