So behind


So behind.

I miss blogging and then I get really behind.

And then I am so behind that I don’t know where to begin.

That I just quit.

And I just stop blogging.

But, I miss it…want to get back into it…and then feel overwhelmed with the behindness that is my blogging.

Last time we talked, blog friends, Iz started school.

She loved it. And has gone a whopping 3 times since.

She caught a couple bugs and viruses. Has battled through a stomach thing, an ear thing, and now, a cold and cough thing.

Which means, she hasn’t been in school and she’ll probably melt down when I take her back because it will feel like she had never even gone.

When really, she was running down the hall and was excited to see her teacher and her friends by the 3rd trip to MDO.

But, her school has called me and sent Iz notes saying they miss her and love her and hope she comes back soon.

So nice.

Since we last blogged, I’ve been taking a breather from the biz. We’re trying our darndest to get into new places and spread the love that is Zen Baking Company. We have some exciting things happening and again – all I can say is – Praise God for the opportunity.

I’ve painted with friends. Celebrated birthdays. Hosted baby showers.

All of course – chronicled in pictures – just give me a second. I’m just glad I got to sit down and put my thoughts down. The pics will come soon. And let’s face it, people read blogs not to read them but to see them.

Remind me to tell you about the following stories I have in my head the next time we meet:

– tasting of toilet water
– throwing up in the jacket