Things that make you go "hmm…"

You know what I’ve discovered about motherhood and parenthood? There are a lot of unanswered questions. A lot of things that I have no idea about, don’t have a clue about, and don’t really want to discover the answers to.

Things that make me go “hmm…” (feel free to put on your 90’s gear – Doc Marten’s, Z Cavaricci’s, and or wear your overalls with only one strap done – and sing the phrase..)

1. How do I put 10 baby socks in the wash and end up with only 7-8 when it’s time to fold clothes?

2. Why does “n0 nap” = wired child? Shouldn’t no nap make my kid want to sleep earlier?

3. When I purchase very expensive, development learning tools for my kid (aka toys) why does she always – ALWAYS – prefer the Dollar Store toy, a tupperware lid, plastic bag, or empty tissue box?

4. Why do the toys that light up and sing songs always go off randomly in the middle of the night? It’s like a scene from “The Shining” or “Chucky.” Creepy…

5. Who in the world thought it would be a great idea to pair middle aged men in crazy orange outfits, characters that look like they should be on adults sites, and songs about not biting your friends? Well…it works…and my kid loves it.

6. When does the worrying stop? At each stage there’s a new worry, a new fear… It doesn’t get easier.

7. Why is it when you brag about something your kid is doing – like napping or sleeping through the night – the very next night or day – your kid makes you look like a fool and decides sleeping isn’t the “in” thing and stops doing it?

8. How come I wipe my kid’s face and hands all day long, make sure she’s changed and clean -but still at the end of they day she smells like she’s been down home on the farm?

9. Where are the true “convenience” stores? True convenience stores would be a drive up window where I can tell them I need this and that – and they have it ready for me. If I still have to pack up my kid in the car, take her out of the car, walk down aisles and stand in line to buy something…it’s NOT convenient. (Hmmm…business idea…)

10. Why is it that everyday I find myself loving my kid more and more…

Things that make you go “hmmm…”