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“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:20


We ask above all things, that you join us in prayer for our son and our family.

This page will be devoted to prayer requests that we need at the moment and prayers we need continuously during this journey.

Pray for:

  • Evan grows and gains weight.  Weight gain is critical for surgeries.  Pray that he grows well and steady.
  • His heart stays balanced in regards to oxygenating his blood.  Pray that the valve that supplies oxygen to his lung stays open adequately enough so that we can avoid a surgery in the next few months.
  • His heart grows “balanced.”  Without getting into technical terms, pray that his heart – all the pieces – left side, right side, valves, arteries, veins, etc grow and that it’s balanced.  If it stays balanced like it is now, there is a good chance Evan will only need one “big” surgery verses multiple heart surgeries.
  • Pray that he stays healthy.
  • Pray our adjustment as a family of 4 as much of our time will be giving care to Evan and Iz won’t get as much attention as she is used to.
  • Pray for follow up appointments to cardiologist, plastic/craniofacial team for cleft lip and palate repair and other doctors who are following him go well and smoothly.
  • Strength for Craig.
  • Strength for me.
  • Guidance and knowledge for his doctors, nurses and surgeons.
  • For healing.
  • For peace.


With 1 in 100 babies being born with a congenital heart disease and the staggering fact that more babies/children die than ALL childhood cancers COMBINED, it is a travesty that more money is not given towards research to help cure CHD.  Every penny counts – if you feel led to donate to the Congenital Heart Foundation – you may do so HERE.


A cleft lip and/or palate aren’t just about appearances.  The deformity is key to essential life skills for a baby – sucking, swallowing, eating.  With 2 out of every 1000 babies in the United States alone being born with this condition, this defect is one that is common but completely fixable.  Some babies born in impoverished countries aren’t as lucky as those born here.  Your donations can help those children lead normal lives and look at the world with confidence.

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 If you would like to pray for other heart families or someone else going through a difficult time, or would like to add your prayer request, please click on the link below and add your request!