Week 2

May 14th

Weight:  136.6

Gain/Loss: +0.2

Ok – so I was bad this weekend.  It was Mother’s Day and we had a full weekend of fun.

A full weekend of fajitas and margaritas.

A full weekend of grilled chicken wings, ribs, red wine…

Thus..the gain.

I felt terrible – literally – felt yucky after the weekend of indulgence.

I should have known better but I gave into my cravings.

Have I mentioned I have no will power?

I don’t.

But, I started anew yesterday…

Then I started throwing up – a stomach bug has infiltrated my home…but only I am affected.

And before you guys start rumors…I am NOT pregnant!

Today, I am a bit better.  Eating normally – which means – eating clean and Daniel Fast friendly.

I am starting a program called Body Back on Thursday.  Pray for me…

A friend of mine is teaching the class and offered it to me – it’s a butt kicking workout – 2 days a week. And the rest of the time, I find time to work out on my own.

It’s accountability.

It’s the devil in a series of 8 counts and free weights…so freaking hard.  I wasn’t going to do it since I’d have to leave Evan for abour 2 hours a day…then I realized…I need this for me.  I need a little bit of time to focus on me – because I’m pretty sure the kid wants so see something other than my face scaring him to death with my rendition of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Peek a Boo.”

I also have fallen in love with this site to help me eat better.  It’s awesome.

I’m also using the MyFitnessPal app to track my food, calories and work outs.  It’s hard dose of reality when you enter in your meals.  Reality bites…

How are you doing friends?

How was your weekend?

Do you have any tips for me or any recipes you want to share?

Til next week.

Stay strong, weight loss buddies.


  1. shannon says:

    thank you for the links! i think i’ll begin using them! i’m with you. no loss this week! : (

  2. M Day did me in too! But I got back on track this week and am down a total of 2.1 pounds. And… I no longer have to lay down to zip up my jeans, ha! 🙂

  3. Jennifer Dunn says:

    It took me way longer to lose with the 2nd than the 1st. but it can be done. good for you for realizing you need some you time:) check out skinnytaste.com