Week 4

First, thanks for everyone who has sent me messages and emails!  Your encouraging words and desire to get into a workout routine have been so motivating.

Second, I feel like I have to give everyone a disclaimer before I go further.  You know…to free me from liability of any sort if someone decides to work out and “eat right” and doesn’t lose weight because he/she eats chips all day calling them a vegetable or Skittles and calling them fruit.

I’m not a fitness instructor – although I someday do want to wear the thong leotard over skin tight leggings with a side pony tail.

Someday I'll be her...someday."

I’m not a nutritionist but I do know how to eat right.  Basically – “if it doesn’t come from the Earth or have a mother” don’t eat it.  Cut out the processed stuff.  The ingredient list on anything you eat should read like a cookbook and not a chemistry book.  If you see a label that you have to call a chemist to decipher for you, probably not a good choice.

I’m not getting paid by anyone or any product that I may talk about.  However…that would be kind of nice…so someone get the company that makes spinach on the phone because I eat that mess like I’m Popeye’s long lost kin.

I hope if you’re reading this it’s giving you some kind of hope that getting fit can be done no matter what your circumstance.  I am in the throes of some of the hardest stuff I’ve ever been in.

Having a special needs child that requires constant attention, doctor visits weekly if not more, an almost 3 year old toddler, and a home to maintain is a lot of work.  It’s emotionally draining, so exhausting – I don’t get the luxury of consecutive hours of sleep anymore – I get a total of maybe 4 hours a night but in blocks of 30 min or an hour between Evan’s feeding and medications.

So, I’m tired.  But, I made the choice to put myself as a priority – and I’m doing it.  And so can you.

People have asked how I’m staying so motivated.  It’s a simple answer…using our “W’s”

Who. What. When. Where. and How.

Who am I doing this for?

Ultimately, for me.  There’s a part of me that wants to sit on the couch, watch reruns of the “Gilmore Girls” and “Overboard” and munch on chips and Nutella all day.  But, there’s a bigger part of me that craves feeling physically and mentally well.  I love the feeling when you’re starting to work out, you’re at your breaking point, the point to where you want to cry, give up, say “eff this sh!t*, but you just continue on..and suddenly you realize – you actually did it!  I like seeing myself looking better.  I like feeling that I’ve finally given myself a fraction of the attention I give to my children and my husband.  I like feeling my healthy heart beat as I push myself to the limit.  I like the feeling of sweat dripping down my arms and my back because I’m working so hard.  I like knowing that I’m eating purposefully and treating my body – a beautiful and undeserved temple from God – as He intended – with honor and with respect.  I also like looking good in clothes…and undressed. Because there is that moment we all have – when we get nekked (that’s the Southern version of “naked”) before we hop in the shower and we catch a glimpse of our bodies…and we stop and think…”Oy vay..”

What is my motivation?

 Motivation has changed for me.  It’s an evolution as it should be for all of us.  Ten years ago my motivation would have been to look smokin’ hot in a pair of Daisy Dukes so I could prance my hot mess around a stage at spring break in South Padre in some random club…erm….hypothetically speaking of course.  Now, I’m motivated because I have a son who needs the best of me.  His tiny, broken heart deserves not only to be well – but for those who love him – for those who are fighting for him – to have well hearts, too.  If he’s going to fight for a healthy body the least I can do is eat a carrot every now and then and do a 30 minute DVD with my pal Jillian M ichaels.  I’m motivated because I have a daughter who deserves for her mother to exude the same amount of self confidence that I pump into her brain everyday.  I want her to see herself as beautiful and healthy – and the most important female role model for her – MOI! – better do what I can to be the example for her that she deserves.  I’m motivated because I want a healthy body for Craig to ravage to love for as long as we both shall live.  I made the vow – in sickness and in health – and I’m holding my end of the bargain up with the health part.


I finally decided now is the time.  Evan was out of the hospital and he is doing fabulous…for now.  I don’t know what God has in store for Evan in regards to his health.  So, I’m taking full advantage of the gift of home He’s given us.  Plus, if I continue to say..”I’ll do it tomorrow” I almost feel pretty presumptuous.  I mean…if there’s one thing Evan has taught me is that we are never promised a tomorrow.  So, why not start it today? I also know that “starting” tomorrow is a dangerous term…because I’ll always have an excuse for why we should continue to push tomorrows – days, weeks, months, even years down the line.

Where do I want to see change?  

In my ass.  Ok – not really – but yes – really.  I want to be toned and fit everywhere.  I know there’s not much that can be done to my “Women of the Amazon “National Geographic” breastesses – hey now..these ladies kept my children alive and healthy – for a very brief amount of time my ladies were hard working tools.  BUT, I know if I work hard I can gain some muscle and lose some of the jiggle.  I say some..because I know it will take time for me to lose the belly flab.  I did carry a human being in that  – TWICE – so I’m going to give myself a little slack and not expect to see Abs O’ Steel in 8 weeks.

How am I going to do it?

I’m going to promise myself everyday that I deserve a better me.  I’m going to drink water and eat foods that are purposeful.  I’m going to work out to the best of my ability and push myself for that block of time.  I’m going to stop making excuses and start making a difference.  I’m going to cut myself a break if I cheat once a week – I mean – a life without margaritas, red wine, chocolate cake, butterscotch pie, chips and dip – is like the upcoming season of “Jersey Shore’ without Snooki….kind of pointless.


So…that’s my motivation.  Ask yourself the same questions…be honest…and then get moving.

I love Body Back for so many reasons.  I love the community of women I’m working out with – we are all different – all Moms – some of us work outside the home and some of us our sole job is taking care of our home.

I love the motivation I get from them and I give to them.

I love Sargent Amber checking on me everyday.  I love how she scrutinizes what I’m eating..I mean..she actually suggested I eat MORE to help lose weight…worried my strict calorie intake may be putting my body on lock down.

Am I really going to say it?


I love the kick butt work outs.  Doing push ups on Bosu Balls, doing this V sit thing where my a$$ balances on the the Bosu ball and I work out my abs (and this one is hard…I have a condition called “Ihaveabonyassbutamchubbyeveryelse-itis”), planks on stability balls, mountain climbers on gliders…and that’s just a part of it!

If you want a glimpse of hell – take a Body Back class – because – it’s hot, sweaty, you’re hating life for that hour, and it feels like eternity!

So…to answer a few of your emails and messages in this post…and now you know a bit of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I know many of you asked about Mama Wants her Body Back. You can go to the main site here:  http://www.mamawants.com/

If you have specific questions or want to drill coach Amber – my instructor – please email her at amberdeanfitness@yahoo.com

Can you do this?

Can you get healthy for you?


You deserve it.




  1. shannon says:

    thank you!!! you are really inspirational! man, i was contemplating doing this, and you’re right! do it NOW! 🙂 i agree with your food theory of it being good, but MAN is it hard!!!! 🙂 I think i’m going to start that too just to see if it helps us out. (we’ve all had some problems lately) and thanks for the contact info! i’ll be calling amber soon! you’re amazing! 🙂