Week (Weak) 3

Imagine if Jillian Michaels from the “Biggest Loser” and sweet, ole Pollyanna made a baby.


Yup – you got it – that’s my instructor Amber.  Hardcore trainer inside a positive, bubbly 5 ft 2 super toned frame.

Remember last week I told you I was doing a class called Body Back?  It’s all moms – all ages, all shapes, all sizes – we all have littles running around or did at one point, we all know the greatness of eating whatever you want during pregnancy, and then forgetting that all that food – the Oreos, the cheeseburgers, the milkshakes – don’t just melt off.  I mean…Evan was only 6 lbs 9 oz…so I’m not sure what I did with the other 52 lbs I gained.

I didn’t want to commit to a program or a gym membership because of our unpredictable schedule.  I was convinced Evan would have to admitted in the hospital gain this week because of his vomiting but he did well at his cardiology visit and we dodged another bullet and got to stay home.

But, Amber is a good friend of mine.  And I took Body Back when Iz was about 18 months old and it.was.awesome!

So, she offered to let me take the class because she’s so nice and she knew that I needed something to pull me out of my house for a couple of hours a week.

We had our measurements and fitness assessments this week.

I am going to stay positive…so I’ll describe my assessment as, “When you start at the bottom…there’s only one way to go but up!”

I am THAT out of shape.

We ran and got timed, did push ups, sit ups, squats, tricep dips…as many as we could do in one minute.

Longest minute ever.

I also got measured – my chest, my waist, my hips, and one thigh.

And here’s something I learned…I am related to this guy:

Long lost cousin

My measurements – chest, waist, hips – are all the same number.  Seriously…one rectangle.

I’ll eventually get back to my “Baby Got Back” numbers….you know…36, 24, 36…

Back to Amber…

She monitors what I eat every day.  She tells me if I need to add something (protein…), take something away (my beloved French Vanilla coffee creamer…), and monitors my fat, carbohydrate and protein percentages.

She checks up on me – makes sure I’m eating the right foods – wholesome foods that are clean – nothing processed.

It’s kind of great.  I have to watch what I put in my mouth…”that’s what she said..” Ha…

Seriously – I can’t just stuff a few Goldfish crackers in my mouth, sneak in a spoonful of Nutella…or Amber will know and then I’ll get into trouble 😉

I thought she was so sweet….until tonight’s first Body Back class.

You know that moment when you’re working out and you want to throw up…yup…I had those moments many times tonight.

She made us really work.  I mean really work.

I really pushed myself because she kept on saying, “You can do this!”

And every time she said it I would picture my Evan working hard to just breathe….and then I pushed myself a little harder.  Because as long as his heart has to work hard…I’ll make my heart work, too.

All joking aside – Amber and the other women in this class are helping me become a better me.  Body Back suddenly became therapy to me when I opened up about why I was doing the class – for my heart warrior, for my best girl, for my husband and best friend – to be a better me because they deserve it and so do I.

Did I mention that I ugly cried while I poured my heart out to this group of strangers?  Poor souls…they just wanted to get a good work out in and suddenly there’s this chunky Asian dry heaving through tears.

Today’s class was tough.  It was really, really hard.  I almost cried in the middle of these push up things she made us do because I was hurting so bad and all I could picture was Evan trying so hard to do the “mini push up” all 4 month old babies can do…but he still can’t because his heart just can’t handle it.  But I didn’t want to be labeled – “The Crier.”

But I got through it.  And today I realized how weak I am.

But today is over.  And I’m becoming the me I want to be.  I’m finding strength in me – physically, emotionally, mentally – for those I love and for the one that I don’t love enough – me.

And tomorrow is a new day.


*I’ve decided to wait and post my final weight and measurements after this 8 week class.*

*If you want me to help motivate you and you need guidance on what to eat…send me a message and I’ll show you the program I’m using and how to add me!*





  1. shannon says:

    sounds like a great class!! I would LOVE information on it! The class/food program/ and everything. I think we’re fairly close by each other.