Weird day

Not really a fume post…but this incident didn’t have a place anywhere on here…it was so weird.

So, I decided this weekend to get my eyebrows waxed.  It had a been a while and I started to look like this guy.

And after being stuck at home most days, sitting in shorts and tshirts, and not getting ready to leave the house…I felt the need for a pick me up.

So, I decided to head to the nail place I normally go to since I had my eyebrows waxed there before.  I walked in – and of course I was lured in by the smell of enamel and acetone.  So when the nice Asian lady asked, “You want pedicure?”  I succumbed to the pressure and said Yes!

I sat in the chair, checked FB on my iPhone, watched the TV – rather – I read subtitles on the TV since the volume wasn’t up.

The lady giving me my pedicure asked, “You like deluxe?”  Knowing that deluxe just meant more money and more time in the chair…I graciously said no.

She said…”Oh ok…It’s ok.”  And proceeded to oil up my legs and give my calves and feet a nice massage.


I looked at her and said, “I don’t need the deluxe package – thank you.  Just a regular pedicure.”

She smiled again, and then said, “Oh’s ok.”

And continued with rubbing my feet.

Well…I guess I’m getting the deluxe.

After the toes had been given their makeover and now a pretty hot pink – I was moved to the “drying” area.  Which meant, I would sit and my feet would be under a little heated lamp to speed up the process of drying.

And nail lady came over – said “Two minutes.” I smiled at her and said, “Ok. Thank you.”


Oh boy…

I watched – almost as in slow motion – her reach over, put lotion on her hands, and start to rub my back.

Not just my shoulders, but my neck and back…and she reached INSIDE my collar.

WTH? I didn’t think it was that kind of Asian salon…

I was faced with a dilemma:

1 – She didn’t speak much English at all.  So, if I told her to stop…she may not understand.

2 – Damn that massage felt nice.

So – after 2 minutes of really awkward nail drying, invasion of my personal space, and getting molested…my toe nails were dry.

The nail lady smiled at me – and directed me to the waxing room.  I didn’t really know if I should acknowledge the massage by a thank you – because then maybe I’d have to pay for it – or just ignore it.  So, I just gave a tight smile and went in to get waxed.

I laid down on the bed and the waxing lady came in.  She smiled at me and said,”It’s been 3 weeks, huh?”  I smiled at her and said shamefully, “Actually, more like 3 months.”

She just smiled and said ok.

Then she proceeded to wax my brows and then asked a question I had never been asked before.

“You like me wax whole face?”

Ummm…I didn’t think I needed my face waxed!!  I know I’m partial to Jacob…but I didn’t think I was growing hair like a werewolf….

I looked at her, with shock, and said, “Do you think I need it?”

She just smiled and started to wax…my face.

If there’s one thing I love about being Asian – besides the fact that I’m really good at math and science, drive really slow in the fast lane, and consider egg rolls as another food group – is that I have very little body hair.

Seriously – ask my friends and my husband.  I only have to shave my legs once a month…and even that is overkill.

So, I wasn’t sure what she was waxing off…but she did.

Now here’s the kicker…

I was expecting to have to pay for a deluxe spa pedicure, an inappropriate massage, and a face transplant at the counter….but now – I paid my normal pedicure and eye brow wax.

What a weird day.